Saturday, July 16, 2005

Eclipse Ruins Then Saves

I love Eclipse. I even use Eclipse when I don't really need to. Right now, Eclipse is my glorified CVS client -- I'm using VS2005 b2 for my C# IDE.

Imagine, if you will, the following frightening developer horror story:

I open Eclipse. I select some dirs to check-in. I try to commit them but I get an error. I look into a folder and think perhaps the cause is an object folder that has been bothersome (and should never be in CVS anyway). I think I select such a folder but really I select a folder containing new source code. I press delete and reflexively hit the enter button on the delete confirmation dialog.
I notice my error and panic, but only slightly. I search on Google for recovery software. I download two such tools PC Inspector File Recovery, which seemed OK but didn't find my newly deleted C# code and Restoration, which really blew and didn't find my source code files either.

Ack, now I'm getting more panicky.

I remember that Eclipse saves a local history of files. I wonder to self if Eclipse could be written such that, upon file/folder deletion through its interface, it would do one last local history backup. To calm my expectations, I figure that, nah that's probably not possible particularly when I only open the Eclipse IDE momentarily to checkin my files and not as a development environment.

I was wrong.

Eclipse saves the day. I open the local history browser and wahlah, my files! Again, stay calm. I make sure that these files are, in fact, the newly modified files and not some old, worthless version... ah, I see a new method, I see two new methods, I see all my new methods.*


*I am a big geek.

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