Sunday, December 17, 2006

GSM-Based Context-Aware Profile Switcher

CellProfileSwitcher is a cool freeware application for Windows Mobile 5 based Pocket PCs that can perform a set of tasks like changing profile, running an application, play a sound or turn on/off Bluetooth based on your GSM LAC (Location area code) and Cell Id location. A Today home screen plug-in is shows the current GSM cell, group and the according LAC and cell ID numbers.

Here are the tasks/actions it can perform based on your GSM location:

Change profile
Change Bluetooth status
Execute a program
Vibrate (short for entering the cell, long for leaving it)
Change the home screen
Show a message
Play a wave sound
Change the phone’s wave volume
Notify Automatic Keylock (which must be installed separately)
Switch Wifi (Wifi-enabled WM5 phones only)
Enable flight mode

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Monday, December 11, 2006

My Life in 19 Seconds

Mates of State

Buy this album, you will not be disappointed:

There are only so many ways to earn your own surprise
I know we're giving up too soon
There are only so many ways to float upon the sea
It makes no difference to me

- So Many Ways by Mates of State from Bring it Back

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Easy Way To Remove Folder Structure in Windows

I'm in the process of switching from CVS to SVN. I wanted to remove all the underlying "CVS" directories for my projects--I first thought to write a recursive batch file that would search and destroy all CVS folders. Frankly, however, I did not really want to spend time looking up old DOS batch commands. J. Lester and T. Scott had the idea to use Windows Search functionality (yes, I know, hard to believe it's good for something). Basically, (1) open the folder that you want to recursively delete some files/folders in, (2) then open the Search box, enter your search criteria, (3) select files and delete. It's that easy; see below:

(1) Open folder of interest

(2) Search

(3) Select and delete