Sunday, December 17, 2006

GSM-Based Context-Aware Profile Switcher

CellProfileSwitcher is a cool freeware application for Windows Mobile 5 based Pocket PCs that can perform a set of tasks like changing profile, running an application, play a sound or turn on/off Bluetooth based on your GSM LAC (Location area code) and Cell Id location. A Today home screen plug-in is shows the current GSM cell, group and the according LAC and cell ID numbers.

Here are the tasks/actions it can perform based on your GSM location:

Change profile
Change Bluetooth status
Execute a program
Vibrate (short for entering the cell, long for leaving it)
Change the home screen
Show a message
Play a wave sound
Change the phone’s wave volume
Notify Automatic Keylock (which must be installed separately)
Switch Wifi (Wifi-enabled WM5 phones only)
Enable flight mode

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