Saturday, August 20, 2005

More Adobe Premiere Problems

I made sure that when I finished my "wedding video" project in late June, I left the files in a perfectly archived state so that I could come back to it at anytime. Unfortunately, Adobe Premiere had yet another unfortunate surprise in mind for me.

I loaded the .prproj file tonight to give my friend Scott a short tutorial on Adobe Premiere. I was showing him the ins and outs of cross fades and video transitions when I noticed that one of the primary video source files was missing! Ack, what happened? I had not changed this project (or any of its dependencies) since archiving it months ago. What's the problem?

Ironically (long story) I received the lovely "red screen of death" faced me which said "media missing!." I double checked to make sure the video file was in the same place in my file system. I then tried linking, then unlinking the media through Premiere's pop-up menu. Nothing worked. Finally, I found a link on Adobe Premiere's "Support Knowledge" base which said to,

Rename the .AVI file to use the .MPG extension (for example, rename movie.avi to movie.mpg), and then import it into Adobe Premiere or Adobe Premiere Pro.

I did this and sure enough, the problem was resolved. Now what I don't understand is what caused this error? Why now? I hadn't done a thing between the last time I had used this .prprof file. Ah, yet another sad revelation of how bad Adobe Premiere really is.

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