Sunday, December 11, 2005

Redick vs. Morrison

My officemate saw Adam Morrison of Gonzaga sink a last second three-point shot over two defenders with 2.5 seconds left yesterday at Key Arena (where the Seattle Supersonics play). We also watched Morrison dominate the game vs. U. of Washington last week (43 points, which ties his career high) -- Morrison is a spectacle, his shot is perfect and he always seems to be in the right place to get a much-needed steal or pick up an offensive rebound. I also observed that he tends to "power dribble" immediately after receiving a pass, which is particularly difficult to guard given that he is 6'9".

J. J. Redick of Duke also had an amazing performance yesterday, scoring a career-high 41 points vs. the #2 team in the country (Texas). He shot 9/16 from the three-point line.

Katz compares the two on espn for a preliminary investigation of NCAA player of the year.


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