Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Robbie Cordry = H-A-T-E Monger

I saw Mr. Cordry perform at a show last month at UW. He recently taped a segment for the Daily Show on Comedy Central about tolerance in America--his finding, that Americans on the whole are quite tolerant people, except when it comes to their views on racists. The segment ends with a list of 200+ groups that he hates scrolling quickly across the screen. Someone took the time to transcribe these and post them on the web (here).

The best part is the continued reference to TiVo list pausers scattered about:
1. TiVo List Pauser
2. Seriously Stop Pausing This
3. What do you think this is Lost?

Others: first "Korea (North)" and then later "Korea (South)", suggested lottery number picks, Lebanese Christians as well as Lesbian Christians, Circumsized, Mohawk Indian, and Mary Kate and Ashley.

Update: someone more clever than me sent an e-mail to and received this response.

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