Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gary Gulman, 9 to 5

For my birthday last year my clever gf got me an autographed copy of Conversations With Inanimate Objects by Gary Gulman, who is one of our favorite comedians. First saw him opening for Dane Cook a few years ago at the Improv in Irvine. Comic Genius. Hard to upstage Dane but Gary definitely held his own.

9 to 5, eh. You know what the worst part of the 9 to 5 is... the 9. Noon to 5, OK. 9 to 5? I'm not even up at 9, what am I a farmer?


Anonymous said...

Hey Jon - check out this site. I think you will like it - it's pretty neat.

from the bro-in-law

GreyInTheMiddle said...

Actually, it was for Christmas, not your birthday!