Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mobile Phone Growth Figures

I created these figures for my MobiSys 2007 talk but didn't end up using them. I thought I would post them here instead--they demonstrate the incredible shift from static computing (e.g., desktop computing) to truly mobile computing (e.g., smartphones). Oh, and yes, I noticed that 51.47% is a bit exaggerated in the pie graph--it looks more like 55% there. That was, perhaps, an unconscious bias manifesting itself. I don't have the energy (nor the reason) to fix it though. :-P

World Population Numbers:
- CIA World Factbook
- US Census World Population
- Wikipedia

Mobile Phone Users:
- Mobile phone usage doubles since 2000 (2004)
- Global mobile phone subscription to hit 3.5bn (2006)

PC Users
- A billion PC users on the way (2004)
- Worldwide PC Market To Double by 2010, Forrester Says (2004)


Anonymous said...

Did you make these pictures or have you taken them from some other source?

jonfroehlich said...

I created them myself based on the linked statistics in the post. You are free to use them if you'd like (ideally with a reference back to this blog but either way really). :)