Monday, February 04, 2008

Sony Misinformation Campaign

I went to the Sony Style Retail Store in University Village (here) and the following interaction took place:

Salesguy: Hi sir, are you looking for a new laptop?
Me: yep.
Salesguy: These models here have the Core 2 Duo.
Me: what does that mean?
Salesguy: It means they have two hard drives so they can write files twice as fast.
Me: really?
Salesguy: Yah, it's sort of like having two brains.

Hrm, I think even my father knows the difference between a hard drive and a processor. Note that Sony laptops easily run upwards of three grand. You would think for that amount of money, the sales people would be educated about their product.

Oh and no, the laptops I was looking at did not have two hard drives (just the Core 2 Duo). And, yes, the last thing he said was somewhat accurate, but only if he was referring to the processor.


Mao said...

Is that the same father who freaked out when he learned you spilled on your PC keyboard?

You know, right before you explained to him that the PC was a little different than the Commodore 64 and that all the "brains" weren't in the keyboard any more?

jonfroehlich said...

Hahahahaha. Yep, same father. He's quite computer savvy now though... well, except when he asks me why the sound is broken on his computer and I simply have to (re)plug in the speakers. Has happened multiple times :)

Mao said...

Thats OK - I still have to talk to my mom through her high speed network in terms of the black box (DSL modem) connecting to the blue box (Linksys router) connecting to the beige box (PC)

Ned said...

Hey, come on now guys. You should reasonably expect someone selling computers to understand them, but are you expecting someone who didn't have color TV until he was 16 years old and didn't have a cellphone until he was 56 to "get" technology? Jon is right. I do know the difference between a hard drive and a processor, but only because he's taught me. "Even Jon's Father"