Saturday, July 12, 2008

Open Innovation: New Corporate R&D Strategies

A short article on how Microsoft, IBM, and HP are shifting research strategies.

Pundits in recent years have taken to bemoaning a retreat by U.S. industry from basic research in science and technology. And indeed, it's easy to cite research labs whose glory days have come and gone -- Bell Laboratories comes to mind. But consider this: IBM, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard together spend $17 billion annually on research and development.

from: The new face of R&D: What's cooking at IBM, HP and Microsoft

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Danyel Fisher said...

Of course, we should remember that Microsoft's R&D budget of $6 billion isn't 6 billion to MSR. (I wish!) All new software development--as opposed to packaging, publishing, sales, marketing, legal, etc--is all R&D. The same applies to these other companies: software development companies, by their nature, do a lot on the development side.