Friday, April 22, 2005

Jesus Shaves!

Heard a cover of this song on NPR today by the Roches. It's originally by "Paranoid Larry." You can grab it here for iTunes. I did.

Jesus Shaves
Joins corporate America
Gets laid off
Grows his beard back
Stays up late
Sees a TV commercial
About being a welder
Makes a phone call

Jesus Shaves
Goes on an interview
Does real well
He's got a way with people
Two years on
He's still an apprentice
But not for long
It's graduation

Jesus Shaves
Puts his best suit on
Gets a certificate
Makes it official
Now he's a welder
Wears a big helmet
And twice a week now
Jesus Shaves

Blessed are the ones who make peace
Blessed are the ones who scrape by
Blessed are the ones livin' holy lives
And here's to the rest of us who try

Jesus Shaves
On Sunday morning
Decides to go fishing
After goin' to church
It's winter time
So he walks on water
Digs a hole in the ice
And fishes for Perch

Jesus Shaves
And scales off the fishes
Has a few filets
And a couple of brewskies
Thinks about the girl
Magdelena in payroll
Decides that he's gonna
Ask her out for dinner

Jesus Shaves
For work on Monday
Goes to the office
Gather's his courage
He's still not sure
Just how he's gonna ask her
Walks over to her desk
And sees a picture of her boyfriend


She says 'hello'
'How are you this morning'
He asks if she knows
A little snow or rain
She notices him lookin'
At the picture on her desktop
She says it's her cousin
Who's past away
He says 'that's great!'
She looks at him funny
He says 'I didn't mean that'
She says 'It's ok'
And then she smiles
And they both start laughing
And that's when he knows
It's his lucky day

Jesus Shaves
Smilin' in the mirror
Magdelena is sayin'
That they need to hurry
They will be late for work
And the school bus is comin'
But their daughter likes watchin'
As Jesus Shaves


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Emma said...

I just heard this on WUMB, the New England folk station, and when I Googled it, your blog popped up. I hope you don't mind, but I copied it onto my blog, here:

I see you're another fan of "This American Life." It makes my weekend, and I am going to have to check out the links you've posted.

I also found this T-shirt, which I also think is amazing:

Thanks again!