Thursday, April 28, 2005

Music History as Context

Have not had a chance to work on inTune for a few days; however, thoughts have been ruminating.

I'm thinking I might build another application this summer for iTunes. This time using mySQL or some other local database technology that archives the iTunes library.xml file. Each change (in the form of a rating, playcount, addition, removal, etc.) will be stored in the database. The idea being that we could use this data to figure out exactly what and when music was listened to. Could we then, for example, draw a temporal map of songs played in the past sixth months to get a sense of someones fluctuating emotional state during that period.

Obviously we would be able to see certain trends in the ways that people use their iPods or iTunes. What could this tell us? Could music be used as an additional contextual feature to inform UbiComp applications?

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