Monday, January 15, 2007

NetFlix User Reviews

Recently, NetFlix has been actively promoting their user-created content. NetFlix allows users to rate and review movies and share them with public/friends. One of the coolest features is the user-to-user similarity rankings--e.g., my g/f has rated569 movies and has a 80% similarity ranking with me. The reason for this post, however, is that I recently rented Maria Full of Grace (which was fantastic) and I found the most current"user reviews" to be quite interesting:
The movie might have been OK except that there was non stop comentary [sic] through the whole movie... The comments told every small detail about where he met the actors, physical points he liked etc. I got a BIG headache and had to turn off the movie. Who cares where he met the actors, I wanted to see a movie, not hear about what it is like to make a movie.
and, from another user,
I hated it because the movie was in Spanish and I could not get it to speak English.

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