Monday, January 29, 2007

Website Launch

My personal website is now officially live. I tested it in Opera (Mac & PC), FireFox (Mac & PC), Safari (Mac), and IE7 (PC). There was a slight JavaScript bug in IE7 that I resolved today thanks to (see my post here). It turns out that IE7 does not handle <script .../> correctly. Instead, you must use the longhand closure <script .../></script>.

There are a few small rendering discrepancies across browsers, particularly in IE7 vs. everything else but I'm willing to live with them for now.

You may notice the dynamic content in the right side column of the about me page. This was done using a mixture of php and JavaScript. I plan to post those scripts on the website (in the hacks section) for public consumption. This was my first experience using php and I was impressed. It's amazingly easy to parse XML data and the library calls are straightforward. I imagine that if I did something more complicated, I would definitely need some sort of php debugger.

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