Sunday, August 19, 2007

T. Scott Bachelor Party

T. Scott celebrated his last days of bachelorhood by playing his two favorite games: golf and Dartmouth-style beer pong.

Susumu and Sam: a formidable team

Oh yeah, I'm rockin' the dub shirt.

Kayur and J-Lest had skills but the King (background) could not be stopped. Tonight, even LeBron would be proud.

Susumu harnesses his years of martial arts training to direct the ball into the opponent's cup.

Sam and Susumu battle for a top seed.

The championship round: Bridges and Toomim vs. T. Scott and Carlson.

Berkeley and Pitt go down early vs. G. Tech and Dartmouth

Scott finesses the ball and hears some sage advice from the seasoned Dartmouth veteran, "if you're going to miss, miss long."

Feel the intensity.

Feel the 9% alcohol by volume beer.

The king would not be denied.


Undefeated blue-ribbon champions.

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