Friday, May 13, 2005

The Brunettes

Saw the Brunettes in concert tonight (they opened for the Shins). Thought I would buy their new album in iTunes when I got back -- but that was presuming iTunes Music Store actually carried an indie New Zealand band. I gather this was a bad presumption because a search for "Brunettes" returns only three tracks in iTunes, none of which are related to this particular band.

So, fall back plan is's music store (of course)! I search for Brunettes once again and, yep, you guessed it barely carries the Brunettes -- I say barely carries because they only have an import album (for $29.49 no less -- but the album qualifies for free shipping, wee!). Here's the link in case you're fond of pricey import albums (i'm not).

So either the Brunettes have no stateside album releases or my two main music sources have failed me. Must I now be forced to try msn's online music store? The horror.

I will say this, in the age of the internet I think it's best to pick a name that's very unique yet easily spellable. I have trouble with the word Brunettes for some reason (is there two n's? is there two t's? are there both two n's and two t's? is there one n and two t's? etc.) Of course, it's not nearly as hard to spell as the band Desapareicidos. And no I did not have to look that word up -- this time.

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