Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thoughts of the Curse Mixtape

Initial impressions of this quarter's mixtape challenge: lots of songs, lots of bad songs.

Top songs so far (that I had not heard before):
Joshua Radin - Girlfriend in the Coma
Bloc Party - This Modern Love
Christopher O'Riley - Black Star
KGBtv - rx

Wow, two covers. Joshua's cover of the Smiths is absolutely gorgeous. He has a delicate, soft voice and I really like his interpretation of this song. O'Riley's cover of Radiohead is from an album of piano arrangements of Radiohead songs. I looked him up in iTunes music store (the album is called something like True Love Waits: Christoper O'Riley Plays Radiohead) and contains covers of Fake Plastic Trees, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Thinking About You, Karma Police, to name a few. My hope is that these renditions do not sound like glorified elevator music.

Anyone who knows my taste in music would not be surprised by my enthusiasm for the Bloc Party track. A perfectly repetitive guitar riff plays in the background entertwined with an intermittent piano riff which highlights the primary melody of the song. The verses are simple, terse phrases sung with dreary, stereoized vocals.

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