Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Pirate Intervention

Found this on boingboing:

A clan of World of Warcraft players are really, really into role-playing as pirates. They hang around, talking like pirates and attacking other players (PvPing -- player vs. player). This attracted one of the Warcraft game-monitors who came by to tell them off, but rather than act chastened, they stayed in character and yarred and ho-harred and so forthed the monitor. The transcript of the event is unbelievably funny.

Here is a direct link to the script (as a jpg no less).

For those not in the know, World of Warcraft is a MOM -- Massive Online Multiplayer -- game (like Everquest) where you embody some virtual avatar in a virtual world and basically do whatever you want (I suppose like Grand Theft Auto but in an online social space with real people). In this case, the world is themed after Warcraft. These gentlemen (and perhaps gentlewomen though I wouldn't bet on it) have chosen to band together as pirates.

Favorite interactions:

Moderator: Ladies and Gentlemen, what you are doing goes against the policies we have set forth
Arnie: What that be?
Maj: Har
Koltas: What policy ye be speakin of lass

Moderator: It would not be wise to spit on a moderator...
Saleen spits on moderator
Koltas spits on moderator
Galexious spits on moderator
Slak spits on moderator
Nebulis spits on moderator
Arnie: It's a pirate sign o'respect

Perhaps this moderator (or "wench" as the case may be) will think twice before approaching this band o'pirates again.

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